About me

I’m a passionated person in all the aspects of my life including my works activities.  Definitively I want to learn more and share all that I know, so I use a simple way of thinking and my actions are based on these.

Mainly my wishes are oriented to share my world with open-minded persons, who wants to find out new possibilities for improving as professional and as persons.

I’m currently focused in Software Development Methodologies, Quality Assurance and Testing, but I’m also pretty interested in different aspects of Project Management, HHRR, and Technological Trends. So normally my discussions are probably related with all these things that I mention.

I have  experience as a Tester, Testing Lead and Main QA, taken part in several projects under both, CMMI methodologies and Agile.

I’m interested in the transcendental aspects of the work teams, as professionals, persons and teammates. My main goal is the excellence in software development processes, having products/services as a result of transformation in actual models and paradigms.

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